Off-season advantages in beautiful Greek Islands

Everybody wants to be on the sea side in summer, but I prefer visiting any place when I have more chances to get to know locals. This is how I got to know the beautiful hospitable temperament of Greek people.

Some years ago I went to ‘Ios’ in the Cyclades Islands of Greece with my friend Viviana. It wasn’t peak season yet (April) and the island was almost empty. My friend and I were at the port waiting for the ferry to Santorini and killing the time in a restaurant, for many hours and with a small consumption. After a while, the owner came and invited us for a cup of Greek coffee, later on for a shot of the traditional liquor ‘Ouzo’, and at the end, for a great Mediterranean dinner. The restaurant’s owner introduced us to all his friends and family and we could enjoy the company of these lovely Greeks that made of our wait time a pleasant one. Sometimes low tourist season is a good excuse for tourists and locals to get in touch with each other and therefore the chances to have such a fulfilling experience are greater.