Eleven impressions of Singapore

I was in November 2014 for three days in Singapore, enough time to carry with me a very pleasant image of this city-state and its people.

Impression # One: Big city style with thousand of shopping centers and ridiculous amount of brand stores


Impression # Two: A city taking care of the environment and public spaces


Impression # Three: Creativity and innovation reflected everywhere including architecture and public spaces


Impression # Four: Multicultural with different religions being practiced with tolerance and respect

Marina bay sands

Impression # Five: with fervent religiosity


Impression # Six: Gods and temples all over the city


Impression # Seven: Very clean and well organised. On picture below: Little India


Impression # Eight: it couldn’t miss the lovely Chinatown


Impression # Nine: Skilled street artists


Impression # Ten: colorful architecture


Impression # Eleven: Nice and friendly people