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I am Viviana, a tourism management professional from Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia and currently reside in Vienna, Austria.

Life always kept me on the move and that is how I ended up living in ten different cities in six diverse countries.

I consider myself an ambassador of Bolivian tourism and culture, especially since I live in Europe. I came to Spain in 2008 for postgraduate studies in Tourism Management and Planning. Before this I worked as a project manager for a tourism development initiative in Santa Cruz. Now I am in Austria, which is for me all about love, because that is the reason I am here, and now I am a happy wife and proud mother of sweet Leon.

Learning German was one of the most difficult things I had to undertake in my life, though learning languages definitely increases your ability to understand other cultures.

The blog ‘bolitravel.com’ started like an experiment to test my writing skills, to improve my English and to put into one place the topics I care about: my home country Bolivia, travel experiences and photography.

Since 2011 I have been experimenting occasionally with the blog, but in 2016 I started a postgraduate program in Digital Marketing Management and since then my blog became my piece of art for applying and developing all I have been learning. Here you can check out some facts about me.




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