Why Bolitravel?

Hello! My name is Viviana and I run this blog under my internet’s nickname bolitravel. I was born and grew up in Bolivia, the beautiful Andean and Amazonian country in the middle of South America; and I love to travel, therefore: bolitravel.

Bolitravel’s goal

The main goal of ‘bolitravel.com’ is to share my experiences as a passionate traveller, an amateur travel photographer and a Bolivian tourism expert (I have a Master’s degree in Tourism Management and Planning and many years of field experience).

Bolitravel about Bolivia

There isn’t a lot of user generated information about Bolivia online, much less in foreign languages. Of course you can buy a Lonely Planet guide but…, isn’t it better to read insider advice and stories from a local, who has not only grown up in Bolivia but also travelled a lot inside the country and is a tourism professional?

Bolitravel: my life as a globetrotter

Nowadays I live in Austria and before this I lived in Spain. This gave me the chance to travel a lot around Europe and explore some other continents as well. When I was a child I lived in Argentina, Venezuela and Mexico, which gave me deep knowledge about the Latin American culture and made me aware of my curious nature and passion for exploring the world.

Bolitravel as a photographer

Photography is a more recent hobby and started in 2010 when I bought my DSLR camera, a Nikon D3000. I love to watch tutorials to improve my skills and put them into practice, but more than anything, I love to capture my experiences abroad in pictures.

Here you can find:

  • Travel advice to plan your trip to Bolivia
  • Stories about the Bolivian culture from an insider’s perspective: people, food, music, traditions, etc.
  • Beautiful pictures and inspiring stories from around the world